About Us


Tooth Fairy Systems is owned and operated by Frank and Brittney Vinculado.  

Frank Vinculado, RDA

Brittney Vinculado


History of the Company

The company is a private business established over 35 years ago by Dorothy Cox, who has been a community college dental assisting program director and educator.  Dorothy then passed the torch to Eloise Reed and Cara Miyasaki, who's passion for teaching and extensive subject matter expertise has only enriched the Tooth Fairy legacy.  Eloise Reed,RDA, CDA, CDPMA, CDPA BA has over 30 years of teaching experience and most recently served as adjunct faculty in the Foothill College Dental Assisting Program. Cara Miyasaki, RDA, RDHEF, MS has been the program director of the Foothill College Dental Assisting Program for over 20 years, which has been a Commission of Dental Assisting Accredited Program since 1965.

The company continues to provide excellent educational courses and other services to the dental assisting community, now under the direction of Frank Vinculado, RDA and Brittney Vinculado.  



San Francisco Bay Area

Currently offering classes in South Bay and East Bay with new class locations coming soon!